DPS sufity


Quadrat Light Panel is a unique solution for anyone who values aesthetics, functionality and the highest level of manufacturing. Quadrat series has been developed for spaces made with a contemporary feel. Same goes for the materials used in the making of our panels: aluminum frame (which can be anodized or powder coated), top quality components, LED light system and light scattering system. The production technology used in the making of the Quadrat series, allows size modifications in the range of 0,65 cm up to 2,4 m, with the thickness of the solar always being only 11 cm. Our product complies with the highest standards so we offer you fully usable versions as well as decorative versions with a LED RGB remote control system. Quadrat light panel is also a complete, finished solution in terms of installation. Each of our products has all the necessary install tools and a working source of light. Quadrat has been designed for easy maintanance access (without the need for dismantling).



Wall2Wall innovative DPS stretch ceilings assembly system
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Used in

DPS stretch ceiling can be used in various public spaces such as offices, hospitals, doctors' offices, schools, swimming pools, museums, art galleries, banks, hotels, as well as private spaces such as houses and flats.
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