DPS sufity


DPS AQUA is an ideal solution for swimming pools, aqua parks, steam baths, saunas and SPA resorts. DPS AQUA stretch ceiling works perfectly in a swimming pool surrounding as it’s highly resistant to moisture, chlorine, sulfur and other hazardous substances used. It also creates an inperspirable barrier for steam, disallowing any condensation to travel beyond the construction point of the ceiling layer. DPS AQUA is 100% recyclable, has all the necessary health and safety certificates, higene certificate and is entirely non-toxic. Thanks to it’s aesthetics and flexibility DPS AQUA allows you to create any desired combination of colors, textures and shapes. That is why it is being used in creating numerous private swimming pools and luxurious SPAs. This DPS membrane also is being used in steam baths as it’s highly resistant to a high level of moisture. A DPS stretch ceiling allows You to change and modify any of the components and devices available in the basic version of the stretch ceiling to cater all Your possible needs. A DPS stretch ceiling also offers tremendous accoustic properties that distort any kind of noise and eliminate echo, so often witnessed at swimming pools.



A Quadrat Light Panel is a unique solution for anyone who values aesthetics, functionality and the highest level of manufacturing.
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Used in

DPS stretch ceiling can be used in various public spaces such as offices, hospitals, doctors' offices, schools, swimming pools, museums, art galleries, banks, hotels, as well as private spaces such as houses and flats.
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