DPS sufity

New controllers for DPS Light

Light system product line which offers a perfect supplement when arranging DPS light ceilings.


Offers all the advantages of a modern LED technology to provide uniform, soft and aesthetic backlight for stretch sheets.


Depending on the requirements, it may bathe the room in pleasant, decorative and warm light, give the user the free choice of colours or perform the function of a utility lighting.


With the full control of colours it gives additional possibility to create unique, dynamic DPS ceiling illumination systems.


Brochure can be found in Expert Essentials section

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Stretch Ceiling

DPS stretch ceiling is the modern form of design and interior decoration of Your life. DPS stretch ceiling is a form of suspended ceiling, which has several different purposes at the same time - it can lower down spaces which are to high or cover up pipes and other instalations which are located above it. It's also used for decorative reasons to create a totally different and amazing feeling. Perfectly smooth and resistant to any deformation creates the visual effect of a glass surface on the ceiling (when using the mirror layer) which visual enlarges any space. By using a stretch ceiling you can, in a matter of seconds, transform any desired space and improve the comfort of use, all because of an easy shape formation which caters the needs of the client or the designers' vision.
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Used In

DPS stretch ceiling can be used in various public spaces such as offices, hospitals, doctors' offices, schools, swimming pools, museums, art galleries, banks, hotels, as well as private spaces such as houses and flats.
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