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DPS Group guarantees that all of our products used as parts of the stretch ceilings sold by or branded by DPS are material and production fault free.

Every stretch ceiling purchased from an authorized DPS retailer and installed by a Authorized Dealer/ Installer is covered by a 3 year guarantee which starts from the day of the installation. The Guarantee is run by the Authorized Dealer/Installer. The above Guarantee covers the mechanical durability of the materials used. We also grant a 10 year guarantee on color and shape durability of the ceiling purchased. If your local Dealer/ Installer is no longer active - the guarantee is taken over by DPS Group.

It’s our guarantee policy to remove any faults as long as the stretch ceiling is being used accoring to the Users' Manual which is the key part of the Products' Guarantee Policy.
Every stretch ceiling is being delivered and installed according to the requirements and expectations of the investor - user or designer (color / structure / shape).

All additional decorative works like light instalment, air ventilation, blinds etc. can only be made by an Authorized Installer. Should anyone without the required Authorization have access to the DPS stretch ceiling, all damages made by these actions and their outcomes will be excluded from the Guarantee agreement and may result with the Guarantees’ cancellation.

It is essential for your DPS stretch ceiling to avoid contact with any kind of objects and materials which may cause mechanical damage. In case of such action taking place all reparations and fixing may be undergone outside the Guarantee agreement. In case of spontaneous rupture of the stretch ceiling all necessary reparations will be undergone within the Guarantee agreement. If all means of reparations proof to be insufficient the stretch ceiling will be replaced with a new one without any extra cost for the client.

Once installed a DPS stretch ceiling is cleaned and polished and does not require any further attention or maintenance. Clean when necessary with water and soft grease removing chemicals (such as DPS-PLAFONCLEAN) using a soft cloth. Once cleaned the stretch ceiling needs to once again be dry wiped and polished. All of the above activities should be carried out by an Authorized Installer. DPS stretch ceilings installed in spaces with sanitation requirements (laboratories, operation blocks etc.) may be cleaned with the use of steam and other chemicals. The use of which has to be consulted with DPS prior to use.

In case of any dispute about the cause of damage and what subsides the manner of it's removal (as part of a Guarantee agreement or not), a expertise will be carried out by the DPS Group - authorized to carry out such actions and give opinion. 

DPS Group wishes you full satisfaction from your DPS stretch ceiling.



DPS 3D as a quick and aesthetic way to refurbish any type of indoor space.
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Used in

DPS stretch ceiling can be used in various public spaces such as offices, hospitals, doctors' offices, schools, swimming pools, museums, art galleries, banks, hotels, as well as private spaces such as houses and flats.
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