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What is a DPS Stretch Ceiling?

DPS Stretch Ceiling is a kind of suspended ceiling, which has many different functional assignments but is also capable of having it’s own unique shape. DPS stretch ceiling is very light and resistant. It can be used in various locations. To find out more got to: DPS Stretch Ceiling

Are DPS stretch ceilings safe?

DPS Stretch Ceilings comply with all the European healthy and safety certificates. Further more DPS Stretch Ceilings have the  B-s2 and d0 fire resistance classification, and the WE (CE) 1488-CPD-0106/W Compliance Certificate.

What is an average durability of a DPS stretch ceiling?

In terms of floding, a DPS stretch ceiling can hold at least a 100 liters of fluid and more (depanding on configuration and texture used in the making of). What’s most important, once the flaw has been eliminated a DPS stretch ceiling will instantly to it’s original shape. That’s because a DPS stretch ceiling has a structural memory. DPS stretch ceilings are also impact and shock-resistant.

How do I install a DPS stretch ceiling?  

A DPS Stretch Ceiling is usually installed a few centimeters below the old ceiling by a professional DPS installer. A DPS ceiling can be installed with a minimum space of 2 cm below the old ceiling, with no limitations of how low should you want it to be. A regular stretch ceiling installation in a bedroom with 25 square meters of space (which does not require any extensive furniture movement or prior building arrangements) will take up to a few hours.

Can I clean my DPS stretch ceiling?

When used properely a DPS stretch ceiling does not require cleaning or maintanance.  However, when required, we have the DPS PLAFONCLEAN - a specially designed cleaning foam which cleans any type od DPS stretch ceiling and a special cleaning cloth to apply onto the ceiling surface.

Can I instal a DPS surface onto a wall?

Yes, of course. Any type of DPS sufrace can be installed onto a wall. You can also create any desired spatial shape.

What makes DPS the leader on the market?

- quality of our products;
- a great price/quality rate;
- our know-how
- our constant innovations;
- our professional service;
- our products flexability and easy adaptation values.

Do DPS stretch ceilings have acoustic properties?

Yes. A DPS stretch ceiling with an acoustic perforation perfectly eliminates any sounds and acoustic vibrations. It’s much more efficient than a standard plaster board or concrete. Further more our productc combine aesthetical appearance with great sound quality.

What is a DPS ceiling life expectancy?

Experience shows that DPS ceiling maintain all of their technical qualities and beauty for many years. We offer a 10 years guarantee to all our products. DPS Group has been operating on the market for over 10 years and there are ceiling we have made 10 years ago, which are still being used.

What does DPS consist of?

DPS ceiling consists of a polimer, which formula have been developed especially for DPS Group. Every DPS ceiling is mounted on a DPS profile structure. All of our products are patent protected, have quality certificates, which makes them safe for the environment and non-toxic.

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