DPS sufity

MULTIKINO - ARCADY Shopping Center

City / Country:Wrocław / Poland

Developer: Sufmar

Project: Robert Majkut

Area: 4.000 square meters

References: L5040 MAGNETITE, T5077 CRISTAL WHITE

Multikino S.A. is one of the biggest multipleks cinema operators in Poland and the leader when it comes to non-film activities. The company currently run 21 high-tech multipleks cinemas in the biggest cities in Poland, which offer 186 screns and 42.000 seats. Fro the very begining Multikino have been persistent in their path - delivering their guest top notch entertainment, ane catering to their specific needs. All that is being combined with the most up to date technology.



DPS LIGHT is a very modern technology that allows you to light up any given space with white light creating a warm and pleasant shade free atmosphere.
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Used in

DPS stretch ceiling can be used in various public spaces such as offices, hospitals, doctors' offices, schools, swimming pools, museums, art galleries, banks, hotels, as well as private spaces such as houses and flats.
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